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Our PSAs Going Above and Beyond

Professional Student Advocates (PSAs) understand that to impact the lives of the students they serve, they must go above and beyond. They are tutors and mentors, but more than that, invaluable resources for students seeking academic support, guidance, and personal development. PSAs go above and beyond their job responsibilities to ensure students have the necessary …

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Stories From the Field Ep.1

This is a heartbreaking story of children who were not attending school, left home alone that quite possibly would have had a disturbing end had there not been an intervention. This is why the work Concentric does is so important. We need to be sure kids are safe and attending school! Watch now

And We Thought They Cut The Wire

I was watching episode 6 of the Wire where Michael B Jordan’s character, Wallace, was living in an abandoned home with about 5 other school-aged children. These children were elementary school-aged and reporting to school regularly, while Wallace sold drugs. This obviously was a troubling sight. To make it worse, I was sick with Covid while watching this. So, while I was already feeling like crap, this made me feel worse. Why?