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Concentric Educational Solutions started with the belief that ALL students deserve not only a quality education, but also quality non-instructional support systems that are necessary for success. There is no singular solution. Rather, it’s a concerted effort to continuously support students in their journey of academic success and mental wellness.

With this belief in mind, a team of dedicated educators created an integrated model of student support that would fundamentally put students at the core of school functioning.

With a grant from NewSchools Venture Fund in 2010, Concentric Educational Solutions started piloting its approach with four schools in Washington D.C. As one of the first African American-led organizations to receive funding from NewSchools, the task to create a significant impact on public education was paramount.

Thirteen years and over 400,000 home visits later, Concentric Educational Solutions has refined its model and broadened its services, but the founding educators have never forgotten that students are at the center of the educational journey.

Dr. David Heiber


Dr. David Heiber is the founder and CEO of Concentric Educational Solutions (CES). Under Dr. Heiber’s leadership, CES has been recognized for its innovative approach that places support of the whole student at the center of the educational experience. Dr. Heiber and his team have partnered with over 200 schools in 15 states.



— Dr. Derrick R. ColemanSuperintendent, River Rouge School District
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“Concentric provides districts and schools with individualized support to address the non-cognitive barriers that prevent students from becoming successful. The systems that were developed by this company allowed us to revamp our previous MTSS model with data sets that were more impactful.”
— Dr. Brian J. MellsExecutive Principal, Madison Middle School
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“Concentric has helped our school to institute systems and structures around supporting the whole child at our school. Additionally, Concentric Educational Solutions has provided needed support for reaching parents that may be reluctant to come to the school. Their team was willing and able to take paperwork and information from the school and deliver it directly to the families. This has helped foster a better relationship with our parents and community members.”
— Watechia E. LawlessAssistant Principal, Napier Elementary School
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“Napier Elementary School partnered with Concentric in September 2017. This partnership has served the Napier community well. We are grateful to work with individuals who are like-minded and share a passion to serve families and help students develop holistically.

Concentric meets biweekly with district and school personnel to select cohorts of students who demonstrate attendance and discipline challenges. The additional personnel allows us to widen our impact and meet the needs of families as well as provides additional opportunities for us to interact with our families and enhance our relationships. Also, we are able to identify ways to address challenges that negatively impact these non-academic factors and utilize resources to fill gaps in support and services.”
— DeShawn WilliamsAssistant Principal, Moravia Park Elementary School
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“Due to your diligence in visiting homes and inspiring our parents to send their children to school each day, we have exceeded our original expectations. The Moravia Park family and community are thriving because of the dedication of your company and associates.”
— Brittany NewtonParent, Baltimore
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"I reached out to the school regarding my son's absence and was unable to reach anyone. I'm happy that someone came by when I was unable to get in contact with someone."
— Courtney CassExecutive Director, Teach For America
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“Concentric has been a great partner to TFA Baltimore. David and his team are committed first and foremost to students - and they are flexible, compelling, and supportive in their approach to equipping teachers and other educators with the skills, knowledge, and mindsets to build impactful relationships with students and families through home visits and beyond.”
— Dr. Sito NarcisseFormer Associate Superintendent, Prince George's County Public Schools
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“Concentric has helped our schools in thinking about ways to engage our parents and staff in the process of re-engagement. Their work is important to helping us address the instructional core and provide external supports to students and families having challenges with traditional schooling.”
— Alison CollierProgram Manager, Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS)
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“Concentric’s collaborative and cooperative approach has been apparent in all of the work they have done with FOCUS. The workshops they facilitate for school leaders and staff through FOCUS consistently receives positive evaluations from participants; In fact, participants have requested follow up workshops so they can continue to learn and benefit from the breadth and depth of knowledge that Concentric brings to the charter community via ‘engaging presentations.’ We look forward to continuing our partnership with Concentric as they grow.”
— Denise Brijbasi9th Grade Academy Leader, Paul Public Charter School
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“Concentric Educational Solutions has been a jewel for strengthening our current support systems and resources at Paul. They identified student-centered strategies and recommendations that will maximize teaching and learning in order to improve student achievement. The passion for the work they do is very evident with every encounter. Dr. Heiber challenges the status quo, and possesses the knowledge and skills to guide any school, in any situation to a place of greater success.”
- Dr. Shawn JosephCo-Director of the Urban Superintendent Academy, Howard University
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Concentric Educational Solutions Inc. meaningfully partners with school districts to support its most vulnerable learners. Their impact has been significant in two large urban districts where I served as a former Deputy Superintendent and former Superintendent. In both situations, Concentric helped us structure supports in a way that re-engaged students and families and allowed us to meet the needs of our most complex students.”
- Darrin BrozenPrincipal Baltimore Design School
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Concentric is a value add to our school community without a doubt. They build meaningful relationships with our students, especially those who struggle with attendance and work individually with them to grow their social and emotional development. Concentric supports the mission and vision of our school."
- Monique DebiDirector of Literacy for Baltimore City Public Schools
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Concentric is a value add to our school community without a doubt. They build meaningful relationships with our students, especially those who struggle with attendance and work individually with them to grow their social and emotional development. Concentric supports the mission and vision of our school.”
- Craig L. RiversPrincipal, The Historic Frederick Douglass High School
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“I have had the pleasure of working with Concentric for almost a decade. Concentric is not just any company but a critical part of the work we do at Douglass. I have worked with them at two schools; I am most impressed how they customize a plan of support for each location instead of taking the cookie-cutter approach. Concentric is awesome and we are elated to have them as a part of our team.”
- Dr. Stiles SimmonsSuperintendent, Westwood Community School District
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"Concentric Educational Services (CES) has been a tremendous strategic partner for our school district. In working with CES, we have seen a mindset shift among staff when it comes to supporting our students and building stronger relationships with the families in which we serve. Additionally, many parents have been appreciative of the District's efforts to support them and their children beyond the walls of the schoolhouse. As a result, we have experienced increased engagement levels with students and parents alike, even in the midst of the pandemic."
- Joshua TalisonSuperintendent Ecorse Public Schools
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"Concentric Educational Solutions is a vital partner with the Ecorse Public Schools. The wrap-around services, which include attendance support, home wellness visits and MTSS analysis, have allowed our district to better serve our K-12 students. We are honored to partner with them."
- Dr. Taiisha Swinton-BuckPrincipal, Digital Harbor High School
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"The dedication and precision on data collection that CES has provided for Digital Harbor High School is invaluable. CES continues to communicate consistently and timely with Digital Harbor High School to ensure that the initiatives are implemented effectively. As a result of the integral service received from CES, our school increased our attendance by 10 percent and decreased our chronic absenteeism by 15 percent in school years 2019-2020. Presently, CES has helped us re-engage our most vulnerable population as we return to in-person learning. In addition, CES has supported our efforts in providing meals and technology access to families."

Dr. David Heiber

Founder & CEO

Dr. David L. Heiber is the Chief Executive Officer of Concentric Holdings Incorporated, the parent company of Concentric Educational Solutions, Concentric Wholeness Solutions, and Concentric Ed Tech. Concentric Holdings is a Baltimore-based organization that supports schools with implementing Concentricity, a theory that puts students at the center of transformation with an emphasis on home visits, mentoring, tutoring, and mental health. Since 2010, David has led Concentric to be recognized as an innovator in education and has expanded its reach to over 250 schools and 30 districts in 8 states.

Dr. Heiber’s passion is working with young people in general, but specifically with African American and Latino students. Dr. Heiber uses his personal story of grief, poverty, incarceration, and redemption to connect with students and challenge them to recognize their potential, honor their promise, and fulfill their purpose. He is currently working on his memoir, From Prisoner to Principal: Only God Can Judge Me, and has been sharing his story in schools and universities nationwide.

Prior to creating Concentric, Dr. Heiber served for three years as the Senior Director of Student Support Services for a Charter Management Organization (CMO) consisting of four secondary schools serving 1,400 students in Washington, D.C. In this capacity, Dr. Heiber was responsible for all aspects of student culture, special education, and mental health services. During his tenure, Dr. Heiber led the redesign of central office staff to better align with student achievement and growth. He and his team created a framework that engaged all stakeholders in the educational processes of students and helped significantly reduce suspensions and discipline referrals.

Most recently, CES secured an $8 million Series A investment from the New Markets Venture Partners to continue amplifying their reach nationwide. The funding will be used to expand Concentric’s work in addressing student engagement and achievement, student wholeness, and Ed Tech in urban districts. Dr. Heiber’s successes were featured in Forbes magazine, The New Yorker and he was recognized as one of the 25 Black Marylanders to Watch For in 2024.

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Dr. Heiber graduated from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania with a triple major. He furthered his education and earned his M.A. in African American Studies from Temple University and his Ed.D. in Urban Education from Morgan State University. He has five children who are the purpose of his life.