The Concentric approach to mentoring and tutoring is grounded in the following four tenets:

Our holistic approach to mentoring and tutoring uses high-quality instructional materials coupled with social-emotional learning and parent/family engagement and involvement. Through our method of delivery, our Professional Student Advocates (PSAs) strengthen subject matter comprehension, boost confidence, and build essential learning skills. This happens in a small group setting so that students are provided with more personalized learning opportunities to increase their chances for academic success.


Program Overview

Tutoring is known as an evidence-based practice that produces quantifiable results among students who struggle. Our established tutoring infrastructure has been created to accelerate student learning, especially among underserved students in schools.

Wraparound support

Mentoring and tutoring only works when students are present to receive the support. Throughout the mentoring and tutoring experience, ensuring that students remain engaged and sustain participation will be necessary. We address this through the following student advocacy methods: