Grow Your Career While Transforming Lives

At Concentric Educational Solutions, we empower students, both in classrooms and within the heart of their communities nationwide. Through our work within urban schools, we catalyze profound transformations in the lives of students and their families. Each day, we guide students toward realizing their fullest potential and nurture the best versions of themselves.

At Concentric, our passion lies in transforming the lives of students both inside and outside the classroom. Our three-tier framework is designed to bridge the gap between a student’s current potential and their fullest capabilities. By collaborating closely with students, teachers, and parents, we facilitate sustainable academic progress and foster holistic personal growth. We proactively identify and address barriers that hinder educational success, offering a range of resources and services to enhance student outcomes. Discover more about our services and educational framework today.

Why Concentric?

Impact on Students and Communities

The most exciting part of our work is the impact that you can have on students. We meet students where they are and help them chart a path to success.

(Part of Family)

Our supportive network ensures you’re never alone on your journey to success. You’ll thrive in a culture that actively promotes collaboration, sparks innovation, and cultivates lifelong connections.

Lifelong Learning

Bringing your best everyday to students means that we’re constantly learning new skills. Our professional development opportunities are designed to empower you with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed to unlock your full potential.

Competitive Pay

We offer competitive pay that recognizes and rewards your skills and dedication.

Values: Our company is founded on key values that support the work we do and the impact we strive to make.


Our team is composed of dedicated individuals who believe that by working together, we can achieve lasting results.


Our relentless commitment to transforming students' lives fuels our every action and purpose.


We work every day to ensure we are the best advocates for students and their sucsess.

Our Ideal Employees / Team Members

  • Dedicated
    • We are looking for individuals to amplify our impact and drive meaningful change in students’ lives every day. 
  • Innovative 
    • We seek individuals who are confident in their problem-solving abilities to creatively find solutions that work. 
  • Self Motivated
    •  We strive to hire candidates who actively bring about change to the students they serve and believe in the power of charting a path to success`

We champion diversity by building a team as diverse as the communities we serve. Concentric respects the dignity of all members of our community and aspires to ensure that all feel valued and supported. We actively promote social justice, challenge discrimination, and address disparities and inequities.